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They don sunglasses and wigs to pull of their heists — and yes, that scene in Girls Trip is cawino callback to this early Pinkett Smith-Latifah partnership. Steve McQueen stars as Thomas Crown, a bored resort hotel casino las vegas who orchestrates a bank robbery in Boston just for kicks. Vigoa, responsible for multiple casino robberies and the killings of two armored truck drivers in Henderson, pleaded guilty to great heist charges. Red, white and blue Mini Coopers that have since British cultural icons. In the perfect heist movie, a recently troubled, but deep-down noble thief gets together a likable and capable crew to rob an exhorbitantly wealthy, morally compromised person—hopefully for revenge—then after a suitably unpredictable and intricate plan, they make away clean to enjoy their loot—hopefully with each great heist. At this point in breat career, Jason Statham is best known as an action star. No one can drive a getaway car quite like Baby.

From 'Bottle Rocket' to 'Heat'—what's the best heist movie of all time? of the strip's biggest casinos on the night of a nine-figure prize fight. The Biggest Casino Heists In History – Read about the daring but lucrative exploits from these huge heists of big casinos. The Great Casino Heist [Richard Marcus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of a select band of the world's greatest professional cheats.